STORY あらすじ

Satoshi is 5 th grader. He and his mother Yuriko move in Los Angeles from Japan for one month ago. Satoshi has a problem with his classmate and it is hard to make a new friends at his new school. One day, their neighbor Chloe asks Yuriko for help making an origami crane for her grandfather Mr.Richard Bruner. Yuriko and Satoshi, putting him to the task of teaching the elderly man, who has turned out to be a WWII veteran and a Pearl Harbor survivor.  Mr. Richard Bruner is very appreciative of Satoshi's instruction, and to his own surprise, Satoshi enjoys interacting with the old man.  Mr. Richard Bruner senses Satoshi has not been able to let his guard down since arriving in this country, and feels he must help this young boy feel more at home.  

Mr. Richard Bruner is working on an origami crane to dedicate at a peace ceremony in Hawaii.  On a lark, the old man suggests both Satoshi and Yuriko to accompany him at the ceremony to interpret for him.  He jokes Satoshi might feel a little easier if he gets to go back half-way.  Yuriko tries to politely decline, but one more look at her son getting along with Mr. Richards makes her consider the old man's suggestion.  

In Hawaii, Mr. Richards speaks of a 60-year old "Orizuru" they will be seeing at the ceremony.  Yuriko and Satoshi are both in the dark about the significance of such an artifact.  

Who is Mr. Richards?  What is the relationship between him and Japanese "Friends"?

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, "The One Paper Crane" flies all over the world with hopes for peace.

ハワイで待っていたのは なんとあの「禎子と千羽鶴」の本物の禎子鶴だったのだ。リチャード氏と禎子鶴との関係は??


R:"Sadako and The Thousand Cranes" 

                     by Masahiro Sasaki(Sadako's real brother) 



L:"Yononaka no Tobira- Kiseki ha Tsubasa ni notte"

                     by Kazuko Minamoto
Kazuko Minamoto
Deputy Director, Education & Family Frograms, Japan Society
左:「世の中の扉ー奇跡はつばさに乗って」著者:源 和子(講談社)