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Team "Orizuru" in LA (ENGLISH)

Team "Orizuru" in LA (ENGLISH)
The offer for donate paper cranes has been closed.  Thank you very much for all your support and help.

We're looking for some volunteers donate paper cranes to our film.
Your cranes will appear on the screen as the most important symbol throughout the whole film.
Why don't you join our film as a member of "Orizuru" team ?

A : Make and donate paper cranes to us
B : Donate thousand paper cranes  (if you have them in your house)

* About Origami papers used for paper cranes.
 ・SIZE :150mm x 150mm only.
 ・COLOR : Only plain papers except gold, silver, brown, black and grey.
                     *Printed papers (like some characters and patterns) are exempt.
*You can join us as many cranes as you want to donate.
  (We'll be happy even a few cranes! )

・If you live near Los Angeles, you can hand cranes to us directly.
・By mail (Sorry, shipping expense is your responsibility.)

・Your name (or nickname) will be posted on our website. 
・The team name "Team "Orizuru" in LA" will appear on the film credit. 

They will ...
 ・appear on the screen.
 ・be decorated at some events like a preview.

Feel free to contact us if you want to join and have any questions.
Please contact by email below with your name, phone number and email.

Members are...

Junko Komori 様 (Los Angeles, US)
Momoko McFarland 様 (Los Angeles, US)
Miku Kokuba  (Los Angeles, US)
Yoshiko Kanai 様 (Los Angeles, US)
Kevin Kanai Griffith 様 (Los Angeles, US) 
Yoko 様 (Yokohama, JP)
Mieko 様、Reina 様、Juri 様 (Nagoya, JP)
Yoko Family 様 (Michigan, US)
Kazuho 様 (Los Angeles, US)
Toshiko 様 (Los Angeles, US)
Origamikifujingumi 様 (Torrance, US)

Thank you for your assistances and kindnesses♥

We look forward to participation of new members!
Please check official Facebook too!